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Our high concentration and technical products can often bring interrogations. Here are a few answers:


What is IDC™?

IDC™ stands for Integral Dermo Correction. It is an innovating approach offering the only anti-age products that target all the main causes of skin aging with the highest concentrations of cosmetic active ingredients. IDC targets all the mechanisms responsible for skin aging. IDC™ is a combination of cosmetic active ingredients selected for their effectiveness and safety.

IDC™ is the cosmeceutical product line with the highest concentration of cosmetic active on the market today.


What is REGEN-16?

Regen-16 is a patented technology at the core of all IDC™ products. Regen-16 combines 16 major active ingredients as a base for fighting the signs of skin aging. Various complementary active ingredients are added to this base, targeting more specific needs such as deep wrinkles, first wrinkles, eye and lip contours, and anti-wrinkle and firming. Major active ingredients are used at their clinically effective concentration and combined with others for a total concentration of active ingredients up to 43%, and a total of active molecules up to 70 in formulation.


Where do the cosmetic active ingredients found in IDC™ come from?

IDC™ combines cosmetic active molecules from various sources with complementary biological properties for optimum effectiveness. These cosmetic active molecules are derived from vegetable, marine, peptidic, and biotechnological sources.


What makes IDC™ skin care products so unique?

IDC™ is the first and only true integral approach against skin aging. Regen-16 makes it possible to simultaneously target all of the main mechanisms involved in skin aging. Additional cosmetic active molecules further regulate this activity in order to adapt to each specific zone and needs of your skin.

IDC™ is the skin care brand with the highest concentration of cosmetic active ingredients (up to 43%) and the most cosmetic active molecules in formulation (more than 70 total) on the market.


There are many anti-aging products on the market. Why should I choose IDC™?

IDC™ is not just “another anti-age product”. It is a cosmetic line based on a deep understanding of skin physiology. IDC™ combines the best cosmetic active ingredients at concentrations for which clinical effectiveness has been documented. IDC™ is the only line that offers up to 43% of cosmetic active ingredients in a single patented formulation.

Customers who trust IDC™ and tried the technology remain loyal to IDC™ and its high effectiveness!


How and how often should I use IDC™ products?

We recommend applying IDC™ twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. That will allow your skin to benefit from the technology all day and all night, which will give faster results.


How long will a bottle of serum or concentrate last if the product is applied on a daily basis?

The texture and the efficacy of IDC™ products are unique. IDC™ shouldn’t be used and applied in the same manner as other lines of cosmetic products. The quantity needed for each application isn’t the same since the texture and the high concentration of active ingredients will require a lesser quantity for your skin to feel nurtured, protected, and healed.

Two to three pumps of our serums are sufficient to cover the face and the neck, and half a pump of ANTI-WRINKLE EYE is enough to treat both areas surrounding the eyes.

As for the intensive treatments DEEP WRINKLES and REDLESS, quantities used may vary since they are applied only to affected areas. Due to their texture, however, a minimum amount will still only be needed.

A quantity equivalent to the size of a nickel of PEARL and both HYDRA-SEAL creams is sufficient for each application. 


I have sensitive skin. Are IDC™ products suitable for me?

IDC™ products have been clinically tested by expert laboratories for their allergenic effects. All IDC™ products successfully passed those tests, even on skins known for their sensitivity.

Moreover, many cosmetic active ingredients used in our products are recognized for their anti-redness and anti-irritant effects. They equip your skin to face daily irritants.


Do you offer products for all skin types?

IDC™ products are adapted to all skin types. However, each product in the line addresses a specific need.


When should I start seeing some results?

The IDC™ skin care line has been tested through several clinical and customer trials to ensure that the results were not only visible to consumers, but also clinically irrefutable and significant.

The results of those tests show that the feel and complexion of the skin are already improved after the first few days of use. As for the effects on fine lines, wrinkles, toning, and firmness of the skin, results were visible as early as 7 to 30 days of daily use*.

 * Results may vary upon subjects.

I am in my twenties and I do not have any wrinkles yet. Can I use IDC™ products anyway?

When we talk about fine lines, wrinkles, aging, firmness, complexion, etc., prevention is the key! Our FIRST WRINKLES product has been specially formulated for those between the ages of 25-35 because our lifestyle between the ages of 15-20 (stress, sleep, UV exposure, cigarettes) is directly related to the first signs of skin aging.

Moreover, it is approximately at the age of 25 that an imbalance between the stimulating and regulating mechanisms of skin, which maintain the appearance of youth, occurs.

Finally, the first signs of aging are not always fine lines but sometimes appear as uneven skin tone, a drawn and tired complexion, and the appearance of pigment spots. FIRST WRINKLES and its REGEN-16 technology targets those problems.


I want to use the REGEN-16 technology but I will keep using my current moisturizing cream instead of IDC™ HYDRA-SEAL.

HYDRA-SEAL was formulated to seal the skin. Using another moisturizing cream will not provide the same barrier effect, and will certainly not have the same concentration of cosmetic active ingredients (up to 24% in the HYDRA-SEAL SPF 25 version) as your current cream.

We do understand that the products you currently use need to be finished. We suggest using them on your hands, body, or on your face during the day in order to keep the IDC™ products for overnight care, when your skin is more receptive and ready to be stimulated by IDC™’s touch.


Does IDC products target all facets of skin aging (time, UV & hormonal)?

IDC’s way of addressing specific problems, such as aging or skin pigmentation, is always the same. We give the skin the right tools to help it perform like it was many years younger, when the targeted problem wasn’t a concern for the consumer. When addressing the problem associated with skin pigmentation caused by UV exposure, age, or by a histamine reaction (inflammation), we formulate our products with many cosmetic active ingredients known to help restore the skin’s mechanisms related to pigmentation. This lets the skin tackle the problems proactively and prevent the formation of melanin pigmentation before it occurs. We simply aim to restore the original balance of the skin, not to reverse it and create an unnatural effect.   



Dermatological aging mainly refers to chronological, actinic keratosis, or hormonal aging. Do your products target these three facets of aging?

With its REGEN-16 patented technology, IDC is the only company offering a line of dermo-cosmetic products that are designed to address the problems of skin aging with an integral/global approach. Each serum contains REGEN-16, which is a combination of cosmetic active ingredients targeting the 16 mechanisms responsible for ski aging. Over time, we lose the equilibrium between the downregulation and the upregulation of those mechanisms, and that causes the physical signs of aging. IDC offers many products to counter these phenomena. Our line of serums include everything from the “First Winkles” serum, which offers a preventive and enhancing approach to younger skin, to the “Ultim-Age” serum, which is the ultimate care in anti-aging, offering a very refined formulation designed for mature skin that needs various active ingredients at precise concentrations to target all three facets of mature skin aging.      


Are IDC™ serums different from one another even tough they all are formulated using the patented REGEN-16 technology?

IDC’s technology “REGEN-16” is used while formulating all the serums and solutions of our product line. However, the concentrations used of this patented complex of cosmetic active ingredients differs depending on the product and its targeted consumers. For instance, our serum “First Wrinkles”, which is designed to prevent the appearance of first wrinkles and delay the aging process, has a lower concentration of “REGEN-16” than our “Ultim-Age”, which is designed for mature menopausal skin, and is formulated using the highest concentration of “REGEN-16” in the IDC line. 

Moreover, apart from “REGEN-16”, every formulation in the IDC line also uses many other cosmetic active ingredients, so that each product is unique and provides maximum results for the skin based on the claims of the product. In fact, IDC uses over 70 cosmetic active molecules while formulating its products. 


How can you claim to continuously use the latest technologies when the field of cosmetic active ingredients evolves so rapidly?

IDC’s team of scientists and cosmetic managers are constantly researching what is new and which cosmetic active ingredient truly works on the skin. We frequently review the clinical data of these cosmetic active ingredients, testing them in our base solutions to make sure that they are safe and truly effective. IDC offers a line of 12 products, focusing specifically on anti-aging. However, our line is, and will remain, in constant evolution. Either we launch a new product with a new application based on new research in the field of cosmetic active ingredients, or we reformulate an existent product, which allows us to integrate the latest technologies that the industry offers for the specific application of the product. One thing will remain: IDC will always offer truly effective products!

I have always took extra good care of the skin on my face and it’s showing. The skin on my face looks younger and more luminous than other areas like my hands, neck and décolleté. What can I do?

Often, the skin on the hands, neck and decolleté betray the actual age of a person. If these zones are left to themselves and untreated, they can even make people look older. It’s not just a matter of bringing moisture to the skin of the hands, neck and décolleté, you need to treat these areas as you would treat the skin of your face, by choosing and applying products developed and formulated to address their reality.

Hands are facing numerous aggressions daily and to make them more resistant and looking younger, a product such as IDC’s Eternel, a Handful of Integral Youth hand cream is ideal at targeting the main mechanisms related to skin aging.

The neck and the décolleté also have to be treated when seeking an integral anti-aging approach including increasing the firmness of the skin under the chin, diminishing the appearance of deep wrinkles on the neck and dark spots on the
décolleté. IDC’s Profil, Integral Correction care for the neck & décolleté
areas is the perfect product targeting all these skin problematics related to
skin aging.

What is the difference between products with SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 50?

First of all, SPF stands for sun protection factor. This factor represents the difference between the length of time before skin protected with sunscreen  and exposed to UV rays show redness,  and the length of time it takes for unprotected skin to show the same results.  In other words, it indicates how much longer you can be exposed to the sun before getting sunburned.   If your skin typically burns after 20 minutes in the sun without protection, then the proper application of sunscreen with a SPF 15 would allow you to spend up to 300 minutes (15 times longer) in the sun without getting sunburned.  However, the application of the SPF product has to be optimal, and the product needs to remain on the skin (no pool, sweat, wipe…).  Moreover, that does not mean that your skin is protected from all UV effects.  Damages to your skin, other than sunburns, may have already started. 

There are two types of UV lights that can be harmful to your skin — UVA and UVB.   A broad-spectrum sunscreen, or full-spectrum, is designed to protect it from both.  UVA rays can penetrate deeply into your skin, generate reactive oxygen species (ROS), and suppress your immune system.  That  increases the risk of wrinkles and age spots.  UVB rays can burn your skin and alter your skin cells’ DNA. Too much exposure to UVA and/or UVB rays also raises your risks of skin tumors.

In sum, a sun protection factor (SPF) is chosen based on several criteria, such as the full level of protection sought for (as just presented above), the duration of the expected exposure, and the skin tone of each individual. SPF 15 is chosen when sun exposure is very moderate, and skin tone is darker without burning tendencies.. SPF 30 is ideal for skin that tans easily, and for people who expose themselves to sunlight for a limited period of time. SPF 50 is recommended for people with fair skin that blushes easily, and for everyone exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.


Is it possible to have an efficient multi-benefit care?

Absolutely! The secret is in the formulation. Unfortunately, too often, cosmetic products promise results that are rarely seen by consumers because their formulations contain only a small amount of cosmetics ingredients. It results in widespread dissatisfaction and consumers confidence in cosmetic lines and their claims is at its lowest.

It is normal to doubt about the effectiveness of an anti-aging product that claims to adress several areas related to skin problems and skin aging. REGEN EXPRESS is an anti-aging preventive and corrective care which brings visible results on wrinkles, firmness, homogeneity, radiance and hydration of the face. It also targets the eye contour area, preventing wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and firmness and focuses on wrinkles, dark spots spots and tonus of the neck and décolleté area. In one application, morning and night, it will now be possible for you to target all these visible signs that occur throughout the years, seasons and environmental stresses.

How is this possible? Again, the answer is in the formula. With 25% of cosmetic ingredients, including Regen-16 patented cosmetic molecule complex, REGEN EXPRESS multi-benefit care will save you time and your skin will appear suppler and younger.

REGEN EXPRESS, in comparison with IDC integral serums, is a less specific care. It targets face, eyes and neck main signs of skin aging. For a more specific problematic like postmenopausal aging, pigmentation spots or any other, we recommend the use a specific IDC care.

What is the ideal cosmetic?

The ideal cosmetic definition is very subjective. In fact, it could be summed up with a product that brings results and meets consumer expectations.

Dr. Éric Dupont Ph.D., creator of the IDC line, emeritus scientist, lecturer and contributor to the book "Vieillir avec grâce" by Denise Bombardier, has clarified this issue. With over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, Dr. Dupont Ph.D. has tried, through his knowledge, to develop "the ideal cosmetic." This concept could be defined as follows: it must be formulated with great cosmetic molecules, that must be used to clinical concentrations, safe and reknown and it must have demonstrated its effectiveness through serious clinical trials recognized and published internationnally.

As mentioned by Denise Bombardier on page 111 of her book: "To get to create the ideal cosmetic, you need a new and integral approach including multiple ingredients to effectively counter skin aging effects." (free translation)

Does men skin really need a specific anti-aging care?

Yes! Men's skin is physiologically different. It is thicker and some signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, redness and sagging skin tend to appear later than on women's skin. However, those signs will appear and they will appear more quickly if men do not take good care of their face and eye contour skin.

IDC has reformulated its anti-aging skincare for men "Anti-Wrinkle and Firming MEN" to incorporate new technologies and advances in the field of cosmetic ingredients. The second generation of this multi-benefit care  "Anti-Wrinkle and Firming MEN G2" has been specifically developed for male clientele undergoing multiple daily aggressions due to chemical compounds of shaving foam, fire induced by razor blades or UV exposure. It is an integral care actively targeting wrinkles, firmness, radiance, homogeneity and dehydration of the facial skin. In addition, with its concentration of 29% in cosmetic ingredients, this new formulation is also formulated to target eye contour problematics, with specific ingredients for puffiness, dark circles, crow's feet, firmness and sagging skin.

What is the difference between Ideal Eyes and Ideal Eyes Ultime?

It is true that these two products may seem similar, as both contain IDC’s unique approach. However, they are definitely different. Ideal Eyes, with 27% of cosmetic ingredients, answer the needs of people of all ages. This anti-fatigue and anti-aging energizing serum corrects the eye in 360 °. It reduces the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and crow's feet, and increase intraocular tonus.
On the other hand, Ideal Eyes Ultimate is the ultimate eye care on the market, targeting all the signs associated with skin aging around the eyes for mature skin. This serum adresses  four issues and works at three levels each for a 12 dimensional care. It contains a high concentration of cosmetic ingredients: 36%.
In fact, it is possible to use both Ideal Eyes and Eyes Ideal Ultime complementary.

CELLelite contains caffeine. Can this ingredient affect my sleep if I apply the care at night?

CELLelite contains more than 40 cosmetic molecules that have demonstrated their effectiveness in reducing the appearance of cellulite, including caffeine. Because the latter is known for its "stimulating" effect when taken orally, one might think it could have the same effect when applied topically. The scientific world has studied the issue and an article published in 2011, Hair Follicles Contribute to Penetration Through Human Skin Only at Times Effective Application as Solid Solvent Deposited in Man*, shows that in some isolated cases, caffeine can be absorbed by the hair follicle when the product is applied on men to regions of dense hair growth, such as the torso .

The areas affected by cellulite are regions with low hairiness. In this case, there should be more than 1,000 topical applications of a care containing caffeine to equal the amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee! It is therefore practically impossible for a cosmetic product containing caffeine to disturb sleep. In addition, our two clinical studies have reported that no subject had their sleep affected by CELLelite .

* British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology , Xin Liu, Jeff E. Grice, Juergen Lademann, Nina Otberg, Sindy Trauer , Alexa Patzelt & Dr. Michael S. Robert , May 2011, p. 768-774

Does CELLelite target both white and brown fat ?

Several anti-cellulite products speak of "white" and "brown» fat. Both types of fat are very different. Brown fat, once stimulated, burns calories more effectively in order to generate heat, whereas white fat stores lipids. The fact is, in adults, brown fat is practically absent. It is instead found in babies or animals that hibernate. Recently, scientific studies have shown that it is possible to "wake up" the remaining brown fat cells that lie in the middle of white fat cells in our dermis.
CELLelite contains a peptide, "UCPeptide" which is derived from a protein called UCP (uncoupling protein), present only in brown fat cells. That is what allows brown adipocytes to burn fat effectively. Laboratory studies have shown that the cosmetic ingredient UCPeptide has the effect of stimulating this protein in the brown fat cells in order to facilitate the removal of lipids. In addition, this peptide is able to prevent the maturation of white fat cells and storage of new lipids in these cells. With this cosmetic ingredient, the brown fat is targeted for maximum efficiency.

Can I use CELLelite if I have varicose veins ?

Good news, this is not prohibited, quite the contrary!

Some of the molecules contained in CELLelite act on mechanisms that are also involved in the development of varicose veins. These molecules help reduce inflammatory responses of the skin and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. CELLelite reduces inflammatory cascades and enhances extracellular matrix that acts as an impermeable sheath around the blood vessels, thus preventing the capillary from becoming permeable. This is partly responsible for the leakage and dilation of blood vessels, explaining some skin disorders such as varicose veins and rosacea.


CELLelite is a great product to be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase firmness, elasticity and hydration of the skin, and it could also reduce the appearance of varicose veins and other skin problems related to capillary disorders.

Some products claim that cosmetic ingredients work only in the morning and others only at night because our body "stock” and “destock " at different times of the day. Is this true ?

In general, our metabolism is more active in the morning, while the elimination process of toxins is especially done at night. However, the mechanisms of skin aging are active throughout the day.

Taking this fact into account, IDC cares are adapted to the daily rhythm of your body for real results. They stimulate natural defenses in the morning when the body is active, and strengthen the elimination process at night when the metabolism needs it. Cosmetic ingredients contained in IDC products target simultaneously all the mechanisms influencing the development of skin aging signs, day and night. In addition, these cares contain the patented technology Regen-16, which simultaneously address all mechanisms related to aging.

Can my skin suffer from a burn-out too?

In fact, our skin and central nervous system come from the same cellular tissue (the ectoderm). It is therefore not surprising that they are closely related. Like our entire organism, skin intensely reacts to stress. That explains why it may also go through a burnout. One of the first visible signs of burnout is the loss of radiance. Stress also leads to fatigue, which acts on the appearance of the skin: it becomes rough and loses tone. In addition, stress and fatigue affect the barrier function of the skin reducing hydration. It may even lead to inflammatory reactions (redness, acne, etc.). That is why IDC created Regen Boost.

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