Our mission


IDC redefines the notion of cosmetic by always offering more to its customers, the largest amount and the highest concentration of cosmetic molecules in each bottle.

With record concentrations up to 43% of cosmetic ingredients selected among the best in the world, IDC goes beyond industry standards.

Dr. Dupont Ph.D. and a team of international researchers and dermatologists have invested more than 5 years of intensive research to develop a technology unique to IDC, the Regen-16, a molecule complex combining the greatest diversity of cosmetic ingredients to their optimal dosages simultaneously targeting the 16 main mechanisms related to signs of skin aging. All of IDC formulas are developed and tested under dermatological control for their effectiveness and safety.

IDC is a cosmetic line that makes no compromises! Everything is in the product! Indeed, the IDC line has won several awards and is recognized by consumers as well as by the international scientific community for numerous publications in international scientific journals.

Our mission: make a difference in the lives of our clients as well as in the cosmetic industry.