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WOW! WOW! WOW! This line is incredible unlike anything I have ever used before, within minutes of applying, the dead skin comes off, and the new radiant skin underneath comes out. Finally a product that does what it promises to do. Thank you IDC!!!


Solange, cosmetician


The customers are so impressed, they come back to show me the results on their skin not even one month after their purchase!


Chantale, cosmetician


When customers stated the changes in my skin, I had to agree and acknowledge the improvement! They all want to buy the products that provides me with these results!




I saw the improvement on my skin: it is brighter, fewer wrinkles. Therefore, I am now loyal to the IDC products!


Ginette Charbonneau


Hi. I'm 54 and I started using your products 2 months ago. I should have taken a before picture to compare it with my skin today. It's like magic. I have tried other products but you are number 1. I have tried your 2 new products, Lait Integral and Trilogy (great), and I keep seeing good results. Last thing, I also have your sunscreen product and I am very satisfied. I confirm it again, IDC products are excellent and I will always be ready for new products!

Thanks to IDC, my skin feels great!

Wonderful moisturizer!


This moisturizer went on smoothly and was absorbed very quickly, left my skin soft and dewy looking all day and minimized my fine lines. It has a light texture and a very mild pleasant scent. I would definately buy it again.




This is as near-perfect as a moisturizer could be - light, quickly absorbed, beautiful slip. It's like a protective veil on your face. It gives good hydration and my skin is brighter and smoother.

Fell in love


I love this moisturizer! It is light, feels good, absorbs quickly, left my skin feeling soft and not oily or greasy!

A must try!


This product is my favorite facial mask. It goes on smooth and really made my fasce feel so light and clean. My skin tingled with freshness. This is really the jewel of facial scrubs.

My favorite!


This is one magical product! I love that it's exfoliator and mask in one and that it makes my skin feel so amazing!

Smooth and even!


This product is great. It goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling plump and refreshed. It even evened out my skin tone quite a bit!

Pearl Gel


My skin felt clean and soft after rinsing. This product is very gentle to my skin.

Regen Boost


My skin is really nourished, hydrated, more beautiful!

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