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For oily or acne-prone skin

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For visible and long-lasting results, your blemish cure must be purifying, mattifying, exfoliating and hydrating. Since pollution can cause inflammation, weaken the skin’s protective barrier and make it more susceptible to acne, the care you choose should also include an antipollution barrier.

Blemish Rescue for oily or acne-prone skin contains the PURE Gel daily purifying cleanser and micro-exfoliant, the triple acting new skin PURE Mask exfoliant and peel as well as the all-in-one anti-ageing and mattifying EXPRESS Mat cream-serum. Get the refreshing and hydrating water gel HYDRA Gel as our gift to you (a $49.99 value).

Get two months of complete care for visible and long-lasting results at the exceptional price of $179.99. That’s a 30% savings! Only available for a limited time.

Demonstrated results with supporting clinical studies .
Tested under dermatological control.


In addition to removing excess sebum from the skin which clogs pores, PURE Gel provides a unique micro-exfoliation that tones while removing dead skin cells. Designed for daily use on the face, neck and eye contour, PURE Gel is never irritating and leaves no tightening sensation.

Advantages: Provides an antipollution barrier that protects the skin from pollutants and external stresses.


The perfect complement to PURE Gel for effective and complete cleaning, PURE Mask deep cleans the skin and pores, removes impurities and traces of pollution, smooths the skin and eliminates surface roughness and dead skin cells. For best results, apply twice weekly on clean skin that has been purified with PURE Gel.

Advantages: Contains three types of exfoliation including a fruit acid peel (AHA) which encourages cellular regeneration, fights acne and blackheads, dislodges microcysts and fills acne scars.


Designed and adapted for mixed and oily skin types, EXPRESS Mat’s texture is ultra-light, fluid, never oily and is rich in mattifying ingredients. Perfectly designed for use on acne-prone skin. EXPRESS Mat is non-comedogenic, it mattifies the skin, tightens pores, reduces the appearance and signs of ageing and restores skin hydration levels as an all-in-one.

Advantages: Contains a lilac extract with purifying and anti-microbial properties, it mattifies the skin, reduces the appearance of redness and contributes to limiting excess sebum.


Skin that is prone to imperfections requires proper hydration so it can regain its balance and encourage healing. Offer your skin long-lasting hydration that protects you from pollution while supporting its hydration barrier. Its bare skin finish is never greasy or tacky and does not leave a shiny finish. HYDRA Gel is perfectly suited for mixed to oily skin types.

Advantages: Contains SMART Gel, a natural ingredient derived from sugar that creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin thanks to its non-occlusive filmogenic effect. Our 3D HYDRATION technology offers long-lasting and complete hydration.

Only available for a limited time.


REGEN(16), an exclusive IDC DERMO patented technology that has been shown to efficiently and simultaneously address 16 signs of skin aging. REGEN(16) technology visibly reduces the effects of time and re-educates the skin to regain its youthful appearance. When combined with specialized complexes, this judicious combination of molecules, supported by clinical studies, acts in synergy for visible results.

To learn more about REGEN(16), its action and its ingredients go to our REGEN(16) section.


3D HYDRATION technology provides complete, long-lasting hydration, targeting the three dimensions of hydration: supply, distribution and retention of water molecules. This system protects skin matrix health and sustains the levels of water in the skin for a healthier and more effective barrier against oxidative and inflammatory stressors.

To learn more about 3D HYDRATION its action and its ingredients go to our 3D HYDRATION section.

Apply PURE Gel morning and night to moistened face and neck. Place a small quantity of gel in the palm of your hand and emulsify it with water. Gently lather and massage in a circular motion on face, eye contour, lips and neck. Rinse with clear water.

Once or twice a week, apply a thin layer of PURE Mask on clean, dry face and neck. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes before massaging. Then, wet face and neck and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly.

Apply EXPRESS Mat morning and night to the face, eye contour and neck after cleaning with Pure Milk or Pure Gel. Gently massage into the skin using a circular motion until completely absorbed.

Complete your routine by applying HYDRA Gel to face and neck, morning and night. Using a circular motion, gently massage in until completely absorbed. Do not apply to the contours of the eyes.

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