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The perfect antidote to the rigors of winter, this highly effective dryness-fighting pair from IDC DERMO offers the softness of PURE MILK’s cleaning, makeup removing, antipollution and micellar power with HYDRA INTENSE’s rich hydration and anti-pollution effectiveness at the exceptional price of $49.99. That’s a savings of nearly 35%.

Don’t miss this opportunity! The pair comes in a decorative pouch and includes a $10 gift card applicable on any body care purchase in the PROFIL product range including the anti-ageing, hydrating and firming melting cream PROFIL BODY.

Formulated for all skin types, even the most sensitive, PURE MILK contains micelles to easily remove impurities and makeup. Its antipollution barrier efficiently eliminates all traces of pollution and surface toxins for a more radiant, even and smoother looking skin. This soft, creamy, silky milk leaves the skin feeling comfortable but never greasy while hydrating and nourishing even the most difficult skin in one single move. Its ultra-soft milk texture and delicate floral fragrance are safe for the eyes and on reactive skin.

Perfect for dry to very dry skin, HYDRA INTENSE is adapted for dehydrated and lipid-deficient skin. It provides deep nourishment for the skin and is the pinnacle of hydration.

In addition to hydrating and offering deep nourishment, the pair protects your skin against pollution and strengthens its moisture barrier, leaving it more supple, radiant and soft as silk.

That’s a savings of nearly 35%.


3D HYDRATION technology provides complete, long-lasting hydration, targeting the three dimensions of hydration: supply, distribution and retention of water molecules. This system protects skin matrix health and sustains the levels of water in the skin for a healthier and more effective barrier against oxidative and inflammatory stressors.

To learn more about 3D HYDRATION its action and its ingredients go to our 3D HYDRATION section.

Apply PURE Milk to face, eyes and neck, morning and night, using fingertips or a cotton pad. Use as a leave-on or rinse-off cleanser.

Apply HYDRA Intense morning and night on clean face and neck. Gently massage into the skin using a circular motion until completely absorbed.

Complete your beauty routine by applying an IDC DERMO anti-aging care before Hydra Intense. Exfoliate skin with PURE MASK once or twice a week.

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