Limited Edition Regen(16)


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Radiance and Luminosity

Challenge your skin by going bare! This gift set is a veritable revolution, transforming the skin and giving it an illuminated and radiant appearance while reducing all visible signs of skin aging.

Get the 0₂ Radiance Renewal Cream GLŌWFIX Day and IDEAL Eyes Illuminatōr for the exceptional price of $94.99.


REGEN(16), an exclusive IDC DERMO patented technology that has been shown to efficiently and simultaneously address 16 signs of skin aging. REGEN(16) technology visibly reduces the effects of time and re-educates the skin to regain its youthful appearance. When combined with specialized complexes, this judicious combination of molecules, supported by clinical studies, acts in synergy for visible results.

To learn more about REGEN(16), its action and its ingredients go to our REGEN(16) section.

Apply two pumps of GLŌWFIX Day to a clean face and neck in the morning. Gently massage into the skin using a circular motion until completely absorbed. Apply GLŌWFIX Night in the evening.

Apply IDEAL Eyes Illuminatōr morning and night. Place a small quantity on the index finger and massage to activate the encapsulated pigments. Apply along the eye contour using a light tapping motion. Do not apply to the eyelid. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

GLŌWFIX Day is designed for anyone looking to renew their skin’s natural radiance and reduce the appearance of imperfections without compromising signs of skin aging. IDEAL Eyes Illuminatōr is designed for anyone looking for immediate results in an anti-aging product that diminishes the effects of time for a younger, more energized and radiant look.

Immediate effect

Regular Price $144.98 Special Price $94.99

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