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Find hydrated and plumped skin with this nourishing anti-aging routine set which includes 3 skincare products for a complete dermo-cosmetic ritual in 3 steps, morning and night. Get a convenient size of our PURE Gel 5-in-1 Anti-pollution purifying makeup remover cleanser and of our HYDRA Hyaluronic2 High concentration hydrating serum with our EXPRESS Multi-action 16-in-1 global anti-aging cream for the exceptional price of $82.99 (value of $117.47).


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  • This gift set will be the best gift for your skin! It contains 3 skin care product that provides a complete 3-step nourishing anti-aging routine, simple and efficient, morning and night.
  • 1. PURE Gel (60ml) efficiently removes all traces of makeup and residue from the skin surface. It deep-cleans pores and removes excess oil while toning the skin and providing protection from the harmful pollution that surrounds us. This ultra-mild, ultra-gentle cleanser and makeup remover is suitable for all skin types. Its unique micro-exfoliation whisks away dead cells to make sure the skin receives the full benefits of the care applied afterwards.
  • 2. Perfect for the harsh winter season that is upon us, HYDRA Hyaluronic2(15ml) is a serum concentrated in double dimension hyaluronic acids and other moisturizing technologies like our unique 3D HYDRATION Technology. Ultra-concentrated, it offers a double dimension of hyaluronic acids combined with an extract of Swiss glacier water naturally rich in minerals and whose effectiveness has been clinically tested for a plumping effect from the first application.
  • 3. To finish your ritual, morning and night, apply our 16-in-1 EXPRESS Multi-action global anti-aging cream (50ml) containing the anti-aging patented REGEN(16) technology. It is perfectly designed for active and –.busy women and to preserve the youth of her skin. This skincare product offers 7 unique actions, in one single product (anti-aging serum, moisturizer, face, neck, eyes, day and night).
  • Clean

    Morning and night, start by cleansing your skin (face, eyes, lips and neck) with PURE GEL, our 5-in-1 anti-pollution purifying makeup remover cleanser.

  • Apply

    Then, again morning and night, continue by applying to the face, eyes and neck, our HYDRA Hyaluronic2 supplement, high concentration hydrating serum.

  • Apply

    Finally, finish your morning and night routine by applying to the face, neck and eyes, EXPRESS Multi-action, our 16-in-1 global anti-aging cream.


An exclusive IDC DERMO patented technology that simultaneously addresses all 16 known signs of skin aging. REGEN(16) visibly reduces the effects of time and re-educates the skin to regain its youthful appearance. This judicious combination of molecules, backed by supporting clinical studies, acts in synergy for visible results. To learn more about REGEN(16), its action and its ingredients go to our REGEN(16) section.


3D HYDRATION technology provides complete, long-lasting hydration, targeting the three dimensions of hydration: supply, distribution and retention of water molecules. This system protects skin matrix health and sustains the levels of water in the skin for a healthier and more effective barrier against oxidative and inflammatory stressors. To learn more about 3D HYDRATION its action and its ingredients go to our 3D HYDRATION section.

holiday-gift-set-express Holiday Gift Set EXPRESS

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