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HYDRA Gift Set - Hydrate Don't Negate


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All skin types, Parched and dehydrated

The care

Plump up and quench your skin’s thirst in one step with this hydrating gift set. Your skin will again be supple and hydrated with wrinkles and fine lines smoother. Get ready for deeply quenched skin! This set contains your musts for long-lasting hydration!

Get a handy size of our hydrating and quenching HYDRA LIGHT veil and a regular size of our HYDRA HYALURONIC2 highly concentrated hydrating serum at the exceptional price of $45.99.

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  • This gift set will be the best gift for your skin!
  • 1. Plump up your skin with HYDRA Hyaluronic2 (30 ml) advanced hydration highly concentrated in hyaluronic acids and in minerals. Clinically tested to bring a plumping effect, and this, as early as the first application.
  • 2. Complete your skin hydration routine with HYDRA Légère (20 ml). This quenching veil deeply hydrates skin, bringing suppleness and revitalizes it while providing comfort for your skin. Your skin’s hydration is renewed for the day.
  • Tested under dermatological control.
  • Apply

    Apply HYDRA Hyaluronic2 morning and evening, to your cleansed face, eye contour and neck, before applying HYDRA Légère.

  • Apply

    Complete your hydrating care routine by applying HYDRA Légère hydrating veil, to bring antioxidants and deeply quench, smooth and revitalize skin while improving skin comfort.

Before regularly applying this product, test it on a small area of the forearm. In case of extreme redness, severe itching or appearance of a rash, discontinue use. Inform your doctor if your condition persists. Avoid direct contact with eyes. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place away from light.


3D HYDRATION technology provides complete, long-lasting hydration, targeting the three dimensions of hydration: Supply, Distribution and Retention of water molecules. This system protects skin matrix health and sustains the levels of water in the skin for a healthier and more effective barrier against oxidative and inflammatory stressors. To learn more about the 3D HYDRATION system, its action, and its ingredients, go to our 3D HYDRATION section.

HYDRA Holiday Gift Set HYDRA Gift Set - Hydrate Don't Negate
Regular Price $64.99 Special Price $45.99

Regular size

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