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Perfect for all skin types, this multipurpose exfoliating glove removes dead skin cells and rough patches while softening and refining skin texture. The penetrative properties of creams are greatly improved when skin is properly exfoliated. Skin is visibly softer and better prepared for care after each use.

Featuring two distinct textures, this glove is both multipurpose and ergonomic. The bumpy side provides gentle exfoliation and when used with a massage oil or body cream, it gently kneads targeted areas. The rougher side provides more vigorous exfoliation to dislodge deep impurities and dead skin cells.

This eco-friendly glove is made with silicone, making it strong, antibacterial, easy to clean and quick to dry. The glove can be used dry or with a shower gel, massage oil or body-care product. Rinse the glove after each use and allow it to air dry.

Use with shower gel, body care or even dry, using gentle circular movements. Rinse after each use.

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