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Looking for tips to prevent cutaneous burnout? Our Vitamin box set contains the BOOST Energy revitalizing serum. You will also receive, as our gift to you, the 5-in-1 PURE Milk micellar make-up removing cleanser. This vitamin-packed pair is just what you need to bring back your skin’s energy, radiance and vitality.

Pick up your own Vitamin box set at an exceptional price of $59.99. That’s a 22 % savings! Available in a decorative, multifunctional and reusable pouch for a limited time only.

PURE Milk is a gentle deep-cleansing make-up remover for all skin-types packed with micellar molecules that removes all skin-aging impurities, leaving an instantly beautiful smooth and radiant appearance.

BOOST Energy is for anyone whose face is showing the effects of fatigue, stress and overwork. Designed for effective anti-stress care, this energy concentrate helps you acquire the balanced, revitalized, luminous and smooth skin you’ve been looking for

Decorative multifunctional and reusable pouch /br> This ingenious pouch will become your new go-to. The pouch’s innovative, flexible design is light and foldable, so it adapts to its contents, making it the perfect, no-fuss bag for carrying your care products, make-up and jewellery. Or even better, use it for carrying your lunch in style because it even has an insulated middle layer! When turned inside out, it can also be used as a placemat thanks to its waterproof and stain-resistant lining. A quick wipe with a wet cloth is all it needs for cleaning but it can also be machine-washed if you prefer!

Prevent cutaneous burnout

Apply two pumps of BOOST Energy morning and night to the face and neck, preferably after cleaning with PURE Milk.

For optimal results, follow with an IDC DERMO anti-aging serum and/or your choice of Hydra moisturizing care.

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