60 biodegradable pads

Daily Brightening Resurfacing Pads

  • Daily peel treatment that removes dead cells, promoting cell renewal for smooth, radiant skin.
  • Each peel pad is soaked in a potent blend of multi-acids, enzymes and antioxidants to promote the appearance of renewed skin and remove surface dullness for a soft, glowing complexion.
  • Provides professional-grade peeling results at home by gently exfoliating excess build-up to reveal naturally glowing skin, smoother skin texture and an even tone.
  • Prepares the skin and optimizes the oxygenating effects of GLŌWFIX DAY and GLŌWFIX NIGHT, and all other IDC DERMO products.
  • Radiance + Complex (30% high concentration of cosmetic ingredients) combines the Multi-Acid Complex with Fruit Enzymes and Calming Antioxidants.
  • 100% biodegradable pads
  • Contains 60 pads

Suitable for

These daily brightening resurfacing pads are a must-have for anyone wishing to revive their skin’s radiance, delivering a professional-grade peel result in the comfort of your own home in just one swipe. For all ages and skin types.


Soft, textured pads, soaked in a blend of active agents. They are biodegradable, gentle and easy to use every day.

Proven results

  • 100% say their skin is exfoliated and oxygenated
  • 97% agree that their skin is more beautiful
  • 96% confirm that their skin texture has improved *
Tested on 30 people for 2 weeks, used one or twice daily. *Tested on 30 people for 4 weeks, used one or twice daily.
Demonstrated results with supporting clinical studies.
Tested under dermatological control.


Multi-Acid Complex

Composed of lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid and malic acid for expert exfoliation in every pad. Effectively yet gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells and other skin impurities for brighter, more even and younger-looking skin.

Fruit Enzymes

Natural components that optimize the digestive process of cellular debris to promote skin renewal and other metabolic functions. Their immediate action reinforces the medium-term action of AHAs for an increased performance.

Calming Antioxydants

They reduce the irritant potential of AHAs in the peel pad formula.



Every morning and/or night, swipe a textured GLOWFIX PEEL pad over a cleansed face and neck, avoiding the eyes and lips.

Follow with GLŌWFIX Day or Night, or any other IDC DERMO product.

For sensitive skin, use once daily for the first week, then if needed, gradually increase to twice daily.

This product contains AHAs that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and to sunburn in particular. Use sunscreen, wear protective clothing and limit sun exposure during use, and for the week following the use of this product.

These daily brightening pads are designed to remove dead skin cells and refine skin texture while enhancing the appearance of renewed skin, for smooth and radiant skin.

Fast and versatile, they are pre-soaked in a potent blend of multi-acids, fruit enzymes and calming antioxidants to effectively, yet gently, remove dead skin cells.

You will be able to enjoy professional-grade results, such as luminous, smooth, refined skin, in the comfort of your own home.

This no-irritation gradual exfoliating treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles and optimizes the effects of GLŌWFIX products, or any other IDC DERMO product.

glowfix-peel-idc-dermo-face-pads-1 GLŌWFIX PEEL
60 biodegradable pads
40 % of 100

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