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Hypoallergenic Formulas

Clinically Proven

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Cellular Skin Science

Our roots are in science and product formulation. With over 25 years of experience working in product development, collaborating with dermatologists, skin experts and doctors and with a strong focus on the cellular mechanisms of skin aging, we developed innovative, efficacious, safe and sensorial products that defy your expectations and enable you to achieve visible results and healthier, more beautiful skin at every age.




Patented Skin Transformation Protocol

With a deep commitment to delivering transformative results for our consumers, our Patented Skin Transformation Protocol, ReGen16, guides the creation of our powerful, highly concentrated skincare products. We developed this formulation methodology to design efficacious skincare products that act to address the sixteen known mechanisms of aging at a cellular level, effectively reprogramming the skin to act younger. 

Our products have undergone rigorous development and testing and offer a customized blend of powerful ingredients to optimize the function, health and beauty of your skin at every stage of the aging journey. The ReGen16 protocol guaranties formulations that address the 16 mechanisms of aging in one single product for complete and effective results.

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Scientific Innovation for Superior Results

Our industry leading Innovation Lab is committed to bringing highly concentrated, proven, effective yet safe active ingredients within sensorial formulas to our customers. Skin experts and innovation-driven, we are continually seeking to further improve even our formulas, seeking out scientific studies and new actives to bring better products to our customers.

Our Patented Skin Transformation Protocol Formulation

The ReGen16 Patented Skin Transformation Protocol enables us to bring multi-benefit, transformative products to the market.Meticulously developed and rigorously tested, our products are formulated to provide outstanding results, and those marked with the ReGen16 stamp offer all anti-aging benefits in one product.

Clinically Tested

Our dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic formulas undergo clinical testing for safety and efficacy to ensure the final product is gentle on the skin while maximizing efficacy to enhance your skin’s appearance while caring for the skin barrier.

Made In Quebec

IDC products are formulated with high-concentrations of scientifically-proven active ingredients, designed to deliver optimal results while respecting the equilibrium of the skin. Our Patented Skin Transformation Protocol, ReGen16, leverages our scientific breakthrough discovery of 16 mechanisms of skin aging on a cellular level, and our products are meticulously formulated, with customized blends of active ingredients, to amplify the beauty, luminosity, and youthful appearance of the skin at every age and every stage.



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