Regen(16) Technology

REGEN(16) fights signs of skin aging on 16 fronts

  1. Hydration

    Maintains skin suppleness and prevents excessive flaking

  2. Barrier function

    Protects from external aggressions, maintains softness and minimizes water loss.

  3. Cell anchorage to the extracellular matrix

    Supports proper fibroblast functions for skin firmness

  4. Energy production

    For vibrant looking complexion and tissue vitality

  5. Oxygenation

    Revitalizes complexion

  6. ECM fiber synthesis

    Ensures skin tonus and elasticity

  7. Immunity

    Protects the skin against harmful external aggressors

  8. Dermal-epidermal junction cohesion

    Contributes to skin firmness, prevents skin sagging

  1. Oxidation

    Damages epidermal and dermal layers of the skin, leading to accentuated wrinkles

  2. Pigmentation

    Influences skin tone and leads to the appearance of discoloration

  3. Keratinization

    Builds up dead cells on the skin’s surface

  4. Glycation

    Alters and rigidifies ECM fibers, resulting in loss of elasticity and stiffness.

  5. DNA damage

    Promotes cell-division and premature signs of aging.

  6. Skin matrix degradation

    Enzyme production leading to MEC fiber weakening.

  7. Inflammation

    Accelerates the appearance of premature aging, enlarged pores and skin blotchiness and reddening.

  8. Microcirculation

    Responsible for dark circles, puffiness and rosacea.

Cutting-edge ingredients

To ensure optimal age-fighting benefits, our REGEN(16) formulas are packed with the most advanced clinically-tested ingredients available. From plant and marine extracts to peptides and biotech molecules, our ingredients are used to the right concentration for powerful performance.

  • Plant extracts
  • Marine extracts
  • Peptides
  • Biotech ingredients

Clinically tested

REGEN(16) technology is supported by 8 published clinical studies and rigorous clinical tests, making IDC a leading evidence skincare brand. Our multi-tasking formulas demonstrate significant anti-aging properties for a more youthful appearance.

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