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ULTIME Premium media launch event

ULTIME Premium media launch event

On the occasion of the launch of the ULTIME PREMIUM range, IDC Dermo had the pleasure of visiting the Rockland Centre in Montreal on March 17 for the launch media event. The aim of the event was to enrich the editors' knowledge of this period of life. Three experts were on hand to offer solutions for post-menopausal women. First, Nancy Labonté, skin care and cosmetics specialist at IDC Dermo, presented the new ULTIME PREMIUM range. Next, Bruno Rhéaume, professional make-up artist, gave make-up tips for mature skin on a model. Finally, Iris Setlakwe, fashion designer and founder of the Iris Setlakwe brand, discussed styles and silhouettes for women aged 60 and over.



Bruno Rhéaume's tips for successful make-up after menopause



The menopause brings with it psychological upheavals that can affect the way we perceive ourselves, but certain physical changes also diminish our self-confidence. It's important to modify our daily routine to adapt it to our new reality, since the idea is not to transform ourselves into someone else, but to make life easier.

During and after menopause, women have to cope with certain physical symptoms such as hot flushes. In the post-menopausal period, however, hot flashes can persist. The drop in estrogen levels leads to a reduction in collagen and elastin production, creating an imbalance between male and female hormones. The result? The result can be very dry skin, a flare-up of acne and even the appearance of hairs on the chin.

So it's important to adapt your skincare routine before tackling make-up. Choosing the right creams to moisturize your face is crucial. Avoid creams that are too rich and can leave the skin shiny.

Skin has changed, and we realize that we've been wearing the same kind of make-up since our twenties. It's time to learn new tricks and keep up with the times. I recommend consulting a professional make-up artist to modify your make-up routine.

1. It's best to avoid shiny, glossy make-up, which gives the appearance of oily skin when you sweat more.

2. Opt for natural make-up. The healthy-glow effect rejuvenates and illuminates the face. By using earthy colors for make-up, you won't go wrong.

3. No heavy foundation or plastered faces.

4. We choose products that are easy to use, so that our beauty routine is quick and effective. Make-up should take no more than 15 minutes to apply.

5. If you have downy hair, choose a very thin liquid foundation to avoid a textured look. It's important to remember that not the whole face needs foundation, and that it can be applied in a targeted way. The more products you add to your skin, the more textured it becomes, making it look older.


The 3 most important make-up products are radiance (illuminator), foundation and powder. Their formula must be micro-fine to prevent texture build-up on the face. Plan a generous budget and opt for quality products for these 3 essentials.


To mattify the complexion, sweat is first blotted off with absorbent sheets.
Apply a hairspray at the very end of make-up application to make it last longer.
Take along a spray bottle, essential for cooling off.


1. Touch radiance (illuminator) on and under the eye to reduce dark circles.

2. Liquid foundation in small dabs.

3. Micro-fine powder (HD) to set radiance and foundation.

4. Eyebrow pencil to enhance eyes.

5. Dark brown and cream eyeshadow for depth.

6. Essential black mascara on upper lashes.

7. Satin blush applied to domed cheekbone.

8. Lip gloss applied to mouth with fingers.

9. Mist over entire face to hold make-up.

5 tips from Iris Setlakwe to dress her changing figure



"For example, on a tall person with a small waist, we'll emphasize the waist. For a short, curvaceous woman, we'll work on length, opting for shorter skirts (5 to 8 cm above the knee) and shorter jackets. The same goes for pants: a slim 7/8 length is flattering and elongates the silhouette. If you've got a big belly, I advise you not to wear your top inside your pants, opting instead for a loose blouse in a wispy fabric. A tall woman will be able to match her long blouse with wide-leg pants, while a petite woman will pair it with narrow pants."


"Stop trying to wear the same size garment forever! Stop looking at the number on the label and opt instead for pieces that match your figure. This is the best way to enhance your body. And don't be afraid to try new cuts and proportions. Important detail: wear pretty shoes to try on clothes, rather than sneakers. Last but not least, postpone your shopping trip if you're in low spirits!"


"Many women adopt black as they age, which can make them look rather severe. I prefer navy, which is softer. It's important to choose colors that are flattering for the complexion, but also colors that are easy to match with the pieces you already own. A base of black, navy or beige makes it easy to include new shades."


"Because of the loss of firmness, women are sensitive about their arms. I offer short leather jackets and lightweight knit cardigans that are easy to layer. I've also created a slightly shouldered t-shirt (with small shoulder pads) that balances the silhouette. As for dresses, I offer a selection of short-sleeved dresses and I work the cuts so that the shoulders are not too wide. We all want a beautiful look without looking like a madam!"


"The waist and hips tend to gain volume during and after menopause. I dress women with generous curves very well, unlike some European brands that offer cuts that are often a little masculine. I pay particular attention to pants, whatever the size, from 0 to 16, so that the customer feels good in her body and in my clothes. In addition to the hips, you also have to think about the waist. For example, if you've got a big belly, you don't need a high waist, which will highlight a small waist. For a woman with full hips, avoid pants with pleats, which emphasize curves at the waist and hips."

by Jonathan St-Jean – March 21, 2024