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How to regain control of our skin at menopause?

How to regain control of our skin at menopause?

Menopause and premenopause (the period before menopause), bring considerable changes to a woman’s body. One of the principal consequences of these changes is a hormonal imbalance that has many undesirable effects, among which, the accelerated rate of skin aging. To help you better navigate these stages of life, the IDC Dermo team has devoted its research to the impact of menopause on skin and the existing solutions to help your skin be healthier.  

What are the effects of menopause on the skin? 

The hormonal changes caused by menopause have an effect on skin at many levels. Firstly, it is important to know that an increase in androgen and a decrease in estrogen, and DHEA, called the youth hormone, occur at these stages. This imbalance is the cause of a thinning of the upper layer of the skin, more pronounced dark spots and skin’s dehydration. A loss of elasticity and firmness brought on by the drastic decrease in collagen production is also observed. The neck, cheekbones, eye contour and jaw all have a thinner layer of skin, and that is where the signs of aging are quickly more noticeable. Gravity also plays a role in this unfortunate reality. 

The right actions to prevent skin aging 

Although we would all like to keep the luminous and plump skin we had in our 20s, we can’t fight against the test of time. We can however slow the accelerated skin aging caused by hormone fluctuations related to menopause by using the right ingredients and products. Thus, balanced cosmetic nourishment is more than ever key when premenopause and menopause set in. The use of anti-aging products formulated with REGEN(16) helps to stimulate skin’s pro-youth mechanisms while also slowing skin aging mechanisms. Our experts agree that the following steps are to be followed and integrated to our skin regimen: 



At this crucial stage in your life, it is important to use a makeup remover that will protect skin’s hydrolipidic barrier. Cleansing skin and removing makeup without drying it out by using PURE Milk. The micelle action leaves skin soft and supple, and hydrated and soothed without feeling tight. To be used on face, neck, lips and eye area.  



During menopause, we must help our metabolism and stimulate cell renewal by using an exfoliant that will get rid of dead skin and other waste. This single action will allow your products to effectively be absorbed by your skin. Our PURE Mask exfoliant combines three types of professional exfoliation products (enzymatic, mechanical and fruit acid peeling), for an incomparable effect of renewed skin while also bringing instantly brighter skin. 



Skin hydration is of vital importance during pre-menopause and menopause because skin gradually loses its ability to retain, diffuse and create its lipids and aqueous network. We must thus rely on products that offer a rich texture and are made of highly nourishing ingredients that will bring suppleness while also regenerating and redensifying the skin on your face, eye contour and neck.  



Several nights a week, we can offer our skin a veritable youth cure by using ultra concentrated care that will significantly enhance the effects of our day and night creams. Our ULTIME Oil Serum is perfect for use with your regular cream. As sleep problems are frequent in these times of great change, these also have a negative effect on your skin’s condition. Our ULTIME Supreme Sleep Mask acts as a true sleep cure. You are promised to have softer, appeased and rested skin in the morning. 



For areas where skin is more sensitive like the eye contour, targeted products are to be used such as our restructuring and lifting cream ULTIME Eyes. As for expression wrinkles, use targeted care, our concentrated and resurfacing anti-wrinkle serum BOOST Retinol Pro, two potent weapons to smooth skin. To treat dark spots, add our veritable concentrated radiance and dark spot BOOST Vitamin C Pro serum to your beauty care kit.   



It is a well-known fact that UV rays and pollution are factors that amplify premature skin aging. It is thus vital to use UV protection every day, even in the wintertime! Our SOLIS+ suncare products, that are 100% mineral-based, are your best allies to protect your skin all while fighting the appearance of wrinkles, spots and redness.   


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by Jonathan St-Jean – October 16, 2022