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Retinol in the spotlight

Retinol in the spotlight

When it comes to cosmetic formulations, some ingredients tend to be recurring, and thus, catch our attention. We even sometimes wonder if these ingredients, that are promoted through considerably large marketing budgets, should garner all of this attention and if their efficiency is truly based in fact. 

Let us reassure you, retinol has proven qualities and deserves the highest of honors! Indeed, retinol is part of those ingredients that appear in our cosmetic products and have been discussed behind the scenes at cosmetic product companies… for over 30 years now! 

Retinol is not the newest and latest in cosmetics. This proven ingredient has paved the way for so many other cosmetic ingredients throughout the years. It has adapted to changing needs while demonstrating its undoubted efficiency and versatility. 


So, what is retinol and what are its skin benefits? 

Retinol is derived from vitamin A and offers a long list of advantages that make it a prize ingredient in skin care. 

Retinol acts as both an anti-aging and an anti-imperfection ingredient for the skin. What’s more, vitamin A is a key ingredient in activating skin cells’ restorative and regenerative capacities. This ingredient’s proven efficiency has been demonstrated, through a great number of clinical studies, to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and other imperfections such as spots, pores and scars, while also improving skin’s firmness and brightness. It activates skin cell renewal up to six times more than its normal rate and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which allows skin to maintain its density. Furthermore, it protects skin from the effects of free radicals, which are the main culprits in premature skin aging. 

Known as the cosmetic ingredient that is probably the most complete and efficient in anti-aging on the market, why is it not in all products and used in higher doses? This ingredient is unfortunately known to cause skin irritation, especially if it is not carefully integrated to one’s skin regimen. In addition, it requires specific cosmetic expertise in the formulation process to retain its integrity. 


How does one bring the advantages of retinol to their skin, while minimizing its drawbacks? 

The secret resides in the synergy of the ingredients used in the formulation and the professional dermo-cosmetic expertise involved in properly integrating it to a skincare routine!  



Developed by our researchers, our Retinol Complex’s principal relies on certain key ingredients that are recognized for increasing retinol’s efficiency while others diminish its side effects.   

In recent years, a new class of cosmetic ingredients has become present: phyto-retinols. As 100% natural ingredients, they compare to retinol in their efficiency in fighting the signs of time and are known to be gentle to the skin and well-tolerated by sensitive skin: Bakuchiol is one example. This natural antioxidant comes from the psoralea corylifolia plant. Another phyto-retinol that is relatively new and offers an interesting profile, is a purified natural biopeptide that is extracted from cranberries, and comes from a verified, traceable and sustainable source in the province of Québec. These two phyto-retinols add to the retinol’s efficiency and are tolerated by even the most sensitive skin. 

Making sure your skin reacts well to your retinol product is as important as its efficiency. Our serum’s formulation has been created specifically to integrate natural ingredients that are recognized for minimizing reactions like redness and irritation. This includes shea butter and bisabolol that enable the skin to benefit from all the advantages of retinol while also minimizing its side effects. 



In addition to your product’s formulation which must contain the proper ingredients and pure retinol dosage, the technique and time of application of your serum are to be carefully carried out. 

Ideally, use the BOOST Retinol Pro serum at night, on cleansed and dried skin, avoiding the eye area. Applying an eye contour care product before the retinol serum brings protection to the sensitive eye area. For sensitive skin, start by applying your retinol once of twice a week to determine your skin’s tolerance level. Apply a hydrating cream after your retinol serum and if the retinol application causes redness, mix it with your usual hydrating cream. 

There are many tips and recommendations to integrate retinol serum for everyone to benefit from its properties. For instance, some combinations of ingredients are to be avoided with retinol (do not mix retinol with exfoliating acids such as AHA/BHA) and it is important to use sun protection every day because retinol makes skin photosensitive. 


IDC Dermo has that rare, unique expertise that combines the understanding of the skin aging process with deep, extensive knowledge of cosmetic ingredients. This perfect blend of knowledge and application brings you a specialized serum that is in a class of its own in the retinol-based skincare market. 

by Jonathan St-Jean – September 06, 2022