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A gift box that is as good for the skin as the soul

A gift box that is as good for the skin as the soul

IDC Dermo partners with Montréal’s Y and Québec City’s YWCA to help women in need to take back charge of their life.

We are proud to launch the You Glōw Girl set, as a special edition available in close to 1000 pharmacies throughout Québec, and online. This gift box is very special to us as all proceeds will be donated to support Montréal’s Y and Québec City’s YWCA, two organizations working to help all women and girls find well-being and safety as well as reach their full potential.  



Montréal’s Y for women and Québec’s YWCA have the common mission of supporting women in need and their children. These organizations are working to build a fair, egalitarian, inclusive and non-violent society. In addition to offering a safe haven for women in need, they offer one-on-one guidance with outreach workers who will assist them in different areas such as: finding a new job or career, regaining their physical, mental or financial health, working through a complex legal issue, finding independent housing, and much more. 



The You Glōw Girl set contains skin care that brings added light to the skin of its users, and will serve to empower them. At the heart of this box set retailing for $58.99 (a value of $84.99) is: Youth infusion GLŌWFIX LIPS (exclusivity of this box); Reenergizing and Illuminating Cream GLŌWFIX EYES; Daily Brightening Resurfacing Pads (20 units) GLŌWFIX PEEL. At IDC Dermo, we strongly believe that taking time for oneself for daily skincare increases the feeling of well-being. This skin brightening trio is our way of contributing to helping women build a better life filled with well-being. 


Ingrid Falaise ambassador for the You Glow Girl set

Credits: Marjorie Guindon 


It is a great honour for us to have the radiant Ingrid Falaise, actress, host and author, known for her autobiographical books, Le Monstre, join us as ambassador for the You Glōw Girl set. 

“Not so long ago, violence towards women was trivialized and remained hidden behind closed doors. However, this type of violence is an epidemic that concerns each and every one of us. As I firmly believe in the power of banding together, I hope that by standing united with organizations working to protect women and children, and using a common voice, we can make a palpable difference in our society. Bringing focus to a foundation like the women’s Y, is a concrete step to raise awareness about violence and motivate people to use their voice to say “Enough” loud and clear.” 

- Ingrid Falaise, ambassador for the You Glōw Girl set in support of Montréal’s Y for women and Québec’s YWCA 


You can also take part in this vital mission by purchasing the You Glōw Girl set, available in pharmacies and online from August 11, 2022. 

by Jonathan St-Jean – July 21, 2022