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Smile, you're in post-menopause

Smile, you're in post-menopause

Ladies, did you know that we spend a third of our lives in post-menopause? So, let's get through this period with serenity and positivity, with a big smile on our faces!

In Canada, almost one woman out of two is going through menopause. Fortunately, the topic is becoming less stigmatized and women now dare to talk about it without shame. Educating ourselves to better understand these changes, improving our lifestyle and adapting our beauty routine will allow us to feel beautiful and in shape at any age!  

My experience with menopause   

The average age of menopause is 51. In my case, it came earlier, in my forties, following a hysterectomy due to a large fibroid. So, I've been in post-menopause for a few years now. Some of my symptoms have disappeared: my weight has stabilized, I said goodbye to hot flashes, I sleep better and I have regained my legendary good mood (!).    

My post-menopausal skin  

However, other symptoms are getting worse: the appearance of grey hair and skin aging are accelerating at a dizzying pace. My skin is dry and dehydrated, which gives it a crumpled appearance. I often feel discomfort: it pulls and itches. I notice deepening wrinkles, more visible pigment spots, a dull, gray complexion, rosacea on my cheeks and chin, loss of elasticity and the emergence of jowls.

In fact, in addition to the metabolism and cell renewal that slow down during the five years following menopause, our skin loses 30 % of its collagen and is deficient in calcium, which makes it fragile and reactive. Today, to remedy this situation, I am looking for skin care products that provide comfort and radiance to my skin so that I can look good!  


« Post-menopausal skin needs instant nourishment and radiance because it is tired, dry and weakened by a chronic hormonal deficit.  These changes sometimes make the face look sad and severe, while these women, on the contrary, appreciate, accept and are filled with gratitude for this new stage of their lives. Their cosmetic care must understand and respond to these new needs. These new realities are at the heart of IDC DERMO's research and development of their new products, ULTIME Premium Day and ULTIME Premium Eye; two skincare products for post-menopausal skin that incorporate unique ingredient technologies, namely REGEN(16) and the S.M.I.L.E. Complex, rich in ingredients such as calcium and caffeine. »   


In the elegant little jars, there are two creamy products, with gourmet textures that melt on the skin. The ULTIME PREMIUM DAY is an intensive replenishing sublimating cream that works to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin. It is formulated with key ingredients, such as calcium, Phyto-Retinol and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, that help restore the skin barrier and stimulate collagen production. The squeeze button on the ULTIME PREMIUM DAY bottle dispenses the perfect amount of intensive restorative sublimating cream. Its fruity fragrance and almond-pink color awaken our skin from the very first application; its blurring effect smoothes fine lines (like a makeup base) and its reflective pigments give our complexion a gorgeous glow. The cream is super comfortable and leaves the skin soft and well hydrated all day long.  

The illuminating and replenishing ULTIME PREMIUM EYES cream is an instant awakener thanks to its iridescent pale pink pigments that fade dark circles and give an immediate lifting effect. The cream is also enriched with caffeine, Phyto-Retinol and mini hyaluronic acid. I love the firming and draining effect that reduces the appearance of crow's feet. 

All in all, these products give my skin a real boost and make it look radiant and glowing. And that's all I want: to look happy and healthy! Life is good, let’s smile girlfriends!  

by Jonathan St-Jean – March 02, 2023