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A Québec patent in anti-aging dermocosmetics

A Québec patent in anti-aging dermocosmetics

REGEN(16), the only technology targeting 16 causes of skin aging  

Did you know our skin is the body’s largest organ, covering a total of 1.8 square meters and weighing about 11 kilograms? Impressive, right? It is even more impressive to study the functions of your skin, such as protection, insulation, thermoregulation, controlling evaporation and impermeability, to only name a few. Our skin must also manage several mechanisms linked to its aging and some chronological changes it must face. 



REGEN(16) Patent anti-aging


Identifying the 16 causes of skin aging has certainly been the IDC Dermo international team of researchers’ greatest discovery. As early as the age of 20, skin goes though a disruption on 16 levels, which are the cause of all skin aging signs. It is thus based on this knowledge (skin disruption on 16 levels) that IDC Dermo’s complete line of anti-aging products was developed. After 5 years of research, REGEN(16) – a technological concentrate proprietary to IDC Dermo – alone, targets, skin’s balance on 16 levels. REGEN(16) is in fact a complex of effective cosmetic ingredients that are safe and complementary, with proven results based on clinical studies. Using this unique technology, IDC Dermo treats all signs related to skin aging. 



What are these 16 mechanisms and how do they react to the passing years and factors responsible for skin’s premature aging such as sun exposure, ozone, pollution and lifestyles (sleeping habits, smoking, exercise, nutrition and the use of some medications). 

As shown in the chart below where all 16 mechanisms are indicated, some of these must be stimulated while others must be inhibited.  



An effective anti-aging treatment must be designed to bring back skin’s original balance for all 16 main mechanisms related to aging. That is exactly what REGEN(16) gives to your skin! Solely acting on one or two of the mechanisms could be insufficient in the long term to take control of the skin’s negative feedbacks that tend to stay with age. 

The use of REGEN(16)-formulated anti-aging skin care stimulates skin’s pro-youth mechanisms while also decreasing the mechanisms that activate skin aging, exactly as shown in the above chart. Practicing a skin regimen incorporating multi-action products thus acts to simultaneously diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, pores, dark spots, redness, and this, all while increasing the quality of skin tone, firmness and elasticity, along with the vitality and radiance of the complexion. 

Selecting cosmetic skin care that you use morning and night is a lot more important than you would think. Your skin is nourished by the ingredients you give it through topical application. Using a single IDC Dermo anti-aging product formulated with REGEN(16) in the morning and at night is sufficient to provide balance, health, youth and well-being! 

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by Jonathan St-Jean – July 21, 2022