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Vitamin C as in cosmetics!

Vitamin C as in cosmetics!

Vitamin C is often associated with citrus fruits, summer and health! It is true that many fruits and vegetables do contain it and that a daily dose of vitamin C contributes, among others things, to a healthy immune system while helping the body’s antioxidant defenses. But is vitamin C also good for the skin, and if so, does using it in cosmetic care formulated with vitamin C bring added benefits? 

Yes, and, yes! Eating a diet rich in vitamin C does not make up for our skin’s need for this versatile and highly coveted vitamin in cosmetic care. 

A vitamin C serum can help to decrease premature skin aging problems, such as skin spotsdull skinloss of firmness and the build-up wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C’s benefits include the decreased production of melanine which is the cause of dark spots, the stimulation of collagen production and the neutralization of free radicals. Using a balanced and stabilized vitamin C serum daily, in the right concentration, enables the skin to get the most of all the advantages of this potent ingredient. 

In conclusion, vitamin C acts as a brightener and antioxidant, two very coveted effects if you are seeking healthy skin and a luminous and even complexion. 


But which type of vitamin C must we seek and in which concentration?  

It is important to select the etherified form of vitamin C (Ethyl Ascorbic Acid). Indeed, this form of vitamin C remains active in heat and light, and tests demonstrate that it offers good penetration, conversion, photoprotection and effects on collagen and pigmentation. This form of the vitamin is directly metabolized by the skin into pure vitamin C, thus ensuring optimal efficiency, which is not the case with the common form of vitamin C.

Unlike many other vitamin C molecules, the one used in our BOOST Vitamin C Pro retains its properties and efficiency under long-term use. As a pure and boosted molecule that is 8 times more efficient than standard vitamin C, this product remains unaltered in color, odor and potency.  

As for the proper concentration to be used, it is important to know that for a vitamin C serum to efficiently penetrate the skin and render the desired benefits, it must hold a concentration of 10 to 20% vitamin C. IDC Dermo’s vitamin C grade is a 20% concentration. 


What is our Vitamin C Complex?  

It is possible to bring a cosmetic formulation to an even greater level of efficiency by combining it with other key ingredients. That is why we have formulated our Vitamin C Complex as a combination of 3 other complementary and synergetic ingredients with vitamin C: 

+ Niacinamide (vitamin B3): This ingredient boosts skin hydration and fights the visible signs of aging. It also decreases skin discolouration, redness, irritation and inflammation. Vitamin B3 is also known to increase the effectiveness of vitamin C. 

+ Hyaluronic acid: This molecule, which occurs naturally in the body, hydrates and plumps the skin to improve its elasticity and tone. The result is smoother, visibly younger-looking skin. 

+ Vitamin E: When combined with vitamin C, vitamin E is four times more effective. The protective and corrective properties of both molecules are multiplied to optimize effectiveness. 


The key element to remember is that like our body, our skin needs vitamin C. Vitamin C skin deficiencies are common and caused by our hectic lifestyles, pollution, a diet poor in vitamins, the sun and other sources of stress. You can fight this unfortunate reality by using our BOOST Vitamin C Pro to illuminate, brighten and even out your skin for a youthful look. 

by Jonathan St-Jean – September 06, 2022